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Notice Regarding Impersonation of Mitsubishi Corporation Officers and Employees

We have become aware that accounts impersonating officers and employees of Mitsubishi Corporation have been created on social networking service LinkedIn, and that attempts are being made to use those false accounts to contact other users via email and other means.
Please be informed that, at present, Mitsubishi Corporation does not conduct business or other transactions through social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Any correspondence via social networking services such as LinkedIn that claims to be from an officer or employee of Mitsubishi Corporation seeking to obtain personal information or engage in any form of business or other transaction is a hoax. We have contacted LinkedIn to request the removal of said false accounts, but we ask that you exercise due caution.
LinkedIn is social networking service through which individuals with a registered profile may establish contact with other users online for the purposes of employment or to connect with customers and business partners.
MC has in the past created a Facebook account for providing recruitment-related information, but said account is currently not being utilized.
MC’s officers and employees do not utilize social networking services for business purposes. However, MC recognizes that officers and employees possess the right to utilize social networking services in their capacities as private individuals and encourages them to do so within the confines of what is appropriate by providing guidelines regarding the attributes of social networking services and what constitutes respecting high social standards.

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