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May 10, 2022
Mitsubishi Corporation

Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024
Creating MC Shared Value (MCSV)

MC has announced its new three-year management plan, entitled “Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 - Creating MC Shared Value.”
In recent years, escalating geopolitical risk has created greater uncertainty throughout our operating environment; a challenge that is being compounded by the restructuring of global supply chains as well as the progress of digitalization and decarbonization. These increasingly diverse and complex societal and industry needs call for keen foresight.
Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 will organically connect intelligence that takes advantage of our far-reaching industry expertise and global network, thereby strengthening the unique and collective capabilities of the MC Group.  
1. Our Goals Under Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024
MC will strive to continuously create significant shared value, MCSV, by enhancing the MC Group’s collective capability to address societal challenges.
2. Quantitative Targets and Shareholder Returns
Quantitative Targets
Under Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024, MC will aim for double-digit ROE and steady earnings growth that is impervious to market fluctuations. This shall be achieved by maintaining a sound profit base while investing in Energy Transformation (EX), Digital Transformation (DX) and other growth areas.
Shareholder Returns
MC’s basic policy on shareholder returns is to maintain a progressive dividend scheme, whereby the company increases its dividend in response to its sustainable earnings growth. Our policy is designed to balance financial soundness, stable dividend growth and market expectations on shareholder returns.
Cash Flow (CF) and Capital Allocation
MC will strategically allocate funds to investments and shareholder returns in a manner that both maintains its financial discipline and enhances its enterprise value. MC will also work to lower its cost of capital by enhancing stakeholder confidence through dialogue and expanded disclosure.
Investment Plan and Business Portfolio
MC plans to invest three trillion yen over the course of Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 to accelerate investments in EX and steadily expand its earnings base along with investments in both DX and growth fields.   
3. Leveraging Connectivity to Maximize the MC Group’s Collective Capabilities
Growth Strategies [Leading Transformations and Connecting them to Growth]
●EX Strategy: MC will work with its partners to help society decarbonize and improve industry competitiveness while maintaining a holistic view of the EX value chain.
●DX Strategy: MC will broadly deploy its DX capabilities across its diverse business operations, thereby connecting industries, enterprises and communities. In this manner, MC will help to raise productivity and create sustainable value throughout society. To facilitate those efforts, we have established a new internal organization called the “Industry DX Group,” which will focus on progressing DX strategies.   
●Creating a New Future: MC will work with its partners, the local municipalities and all members of society not only to help create a brighter future for everyone, but also to boost Japan’s self-sufficiency rates of energy and food through active development of renewable energy and other local energy sources. We will also focus on establishing new carbon neutral industries and developing vibrant communities by helping to resolve regional issues.
Business Management [Connecting Our Businesses to the Future with Disciplined Growth]
Under Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024, MC will develop systems that encourage its business groups to be both disciplined and proactive about strengthening their management practices. Furthermore, by expediting work to refine a value-added cyclical growth model that is capable of constantly adapting to changes in our operating environment, we remain committed to maintaining and improving our capital efficiency and ensuring our financial soundness.
Management Mechanisms [Connecting Diverse Sources of Intelligence]
In addition to the Industry DX Group, MC will newly establish the “Global Intelligence (GI) Committee,” which will focus on making MC even more adaptable to its constantly evolving external operating environment.The GI Committee’s analyses shall be reflected in matters tabled by the “MC Shared Value (MCSV) Forum” the function of which is to discuss and plan companywide strategies that can be adopted across different industries. This work will help to strengthen the business groups’ development capabilities and cross-industry connections.
HR Policy [Creating a Vibrant Organization by Interconnecting a Diverse and Versatile Talent Pool]
MC’s HR policy under Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 shall focus on creating a corporate culture that embraces diversity. Through the strategic allocation of our human resources, we will strive to invigorate and unlock the full potential of our organization.  
Sustainability Policy [Interconnecting with Diverse Stakeholders and Reinforcing Our Presence as a Trusted Member of Society]
MC’s unique definition of “materiality” covers a set of crucial societal issues to address through its business activities. In addition to classifying our businesses based on climate transition risks and opportunities, we will monitor their progress and work to decarbonize them through various measures.

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