Mitsubishi Corporation

Mitsubishi Corporation Code of Conduct

Basic Policy

All officers and employees of Mitsubishi Corporation (the "Company") must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations where they operate, international standards and rules, and all internal corporate rules and policies. In addition, all officers and employees of the Company must act in a socially responsible manner by complying with the highest ethical standards in the conduct of their business.

Basic Principles

  1. Respect human rights, and do not discriminate on any basis or engage in any form of harassment.
  2. Maintain a high regard for environmental considerations in conducting our business operations, and ensure that our business is conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner, and comply with treaties, laws and regulations concerning the environment.
  3. Promote fair business practices and comply with trade rules, regulations, and internal corporate rules and policies.
  4. Comply with the rules and regulations of international trade.
  5. Protect and properly use confidential and proprietary information, protect the rights of the Company and respect the rights of others.
  6. Do not engage in insider trading.
  7. Avoid conflicts of interest with the Company; maintain a distinction between corporate and private business.
  8. Record and report accounting and financial information timely and accurately.
  9. Maintain proper legal and ethical standards with respect to gifts and entertainment.
  10. Resolutely oppose any organization, group or individual engaged in unlawful activities and do not provide money or other types of economic benefits to them.
  11. Promptly report to or consult the superiors, the Group Compliance Officers, the relevant departments, the Secretariat for the Compliance Committee, or the outside counsel in charge of Compliance upon discovering or committing any violations of this "Code of Conduct".

Mitsubishi Corporation Code of Conduct (Full text) (PDF:38KB)