Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Investments

Digital Business Development Department

MC develops business in a wide range of industries, but there are areas where further value can be added by utilizing cutting-edge IT. MC Digital's mission is to update business models by leveraging technology, and the company will utilize the latest technology, such as AI, to come up with innovative solutions to issues in all the industries that MC conducts business in. MC Digital will also collaborate with overseas innovation ecosystems, as well as academic and administrative institutions, while striving to develop new businesses and provide solutions for various fields.
MC Data (Japanese)
With the mission of “connecting companies and people with data and services,” MC Data Plus promotes the creation of digital platforms by providing Vertical SaaS for solving social issues in various fields. The company produces new “real” and “digital” businesses by utilizing big data collected from these digital platforms. SaaS for the construction industry, which is the company’s core business, is contributing to the sector as one of the largest digital platforms in the industry, and efforts are also being made to develop SaaS for the retail industry.
Industry (Japanese)
Industry One is the core company of MC's digital business. It was established in 2021 with the goal of spearheading the social implementation of industrial digital transformation (DX). Industry One leverages MC's global and industry knowledge and contacts across multiple sectors, as well as the advanced digital technologies of its partner companies, to provide comprehensive support that covers everything from laying the foundation for DX, such as digital strategy planning, to system development and digital business creation utilizing advanced technologies. Industry One will continue to promote DX to not only shore up MC Group companies, but to also help resolve industrial and societal issues.
iVision Shanghai Co., (chinese)
As the MC Group’s only IT company in China, iVision Shanghai provides comprehensive IT services to over 200 Japanese enterprises in China. The scope of iVision Shanghai’s business includes IT consulting, system construction and IT infrastructure, among others. At present, the company is particularly focusing efforts into DX application services that provide promotional support for the retail industry and improve efficiency for the manufacturing industry. iVision Shanghai will grow together with its customers based on the principle that "customer growth is our growth."

Power & Community DX Department

Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Connect, (Japanese)
A joint venture between Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation, Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Connect, Inc. is a company involved in the development and sales of services relating to our day-to-day lives, with such themes as elderly monitoring, child-raising support, food, and health. Driven by a mission to develop lifelong connections with its customers, it builds upon the customer connections that Chubu Electric Power Miraiz has fostered until now through the provision of its energy services, as well as the broad industry / service networks and digital technology possessed by Mitsubishi Corporation, to provide services that meet the various needs of customers during their daily lives and life events.
HomeServe (Japanese)
HomeServe Japan is a joint venture company established in 2019 and owned by MC and HomeServe International, whose head office is located in the UK. Its business provides Japanese residents with a subscription-based emergency and repair services in areas such as electrical equipment, plumbing, gas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning through its partnerships with utility companies and municipalities in Japan under the vision of “making a subscription-based home repairs and improvements service common throughout Japan while eliminating house-related anxiety and bringing a sense of well-being to residents.”