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Malaysia LNG project

Malaysia LNG project

LNG business Malaysia LNG project

One of the world's largest LNG liquefaction plants

Malaysia LNG project is an LNG production and sales business with investments from Mitsubishi Corporation, PETRONAS and the government of Sarawak and so on.
The first project started its production in 1983. With the second and third projects set up subsequently, each of them has produced LNG mainly consists of natural gas from off-shore of Sarawak, Malaysia, and is sold to power and gas companies in such countries as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. With a total LNG capacity of 25.7 million tons per annum, the Malaysia's LNG plant is one of the largest LNG facilities in a single location in the world.

LNG business

Shareholder composition Project 1 (Satu):
PETRONAS (90%), Government of Sarawak (5%), Mitsubishi Corporation (5%)
Project 2 (Dua):
PETRONAS (80%), Government of Sarawak (10%), Mitsubishi Corporation (10%)
Project 3 (Tiga):
PETRONAS (60%), Government of Sarawak (25%), ENEOS (10%), DGN [Mitsubishi Corporation/JAPEX 80:20] (5%)
Location Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Equity share of production capacity Project 1 (Satu): 420,000 tons/year
Project 2 (Dua): 960,000 tons/year
Project 3 (Tiga): 310,000 tons/year