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The Power Solution Group consists of two divisions and two offices, namely the International Power Division, the Utility Retail Division, the Eneco* Office and the Domestic Power Business Office. We conduct a variety of initiatives including water businesses to meet diversifying utility needs, with a focus on our power solution value chain business which functions to “generate” renewable energy, “integrate” weather-dependent electricity (through a sophisticated balance of supply and demand), as well as “deliver” electricity and high added-value services to our customers.

Some of our main initiatives include our renewable energy business that contributes significantly to the decarbonization of society, the construction of distributed power generation infrastructure based on the concept of local production for local consumption, as well as power trading businesses such as spot transactions and futures trading in the power market.

By combining low-emission power sources, such as renewable energy, with digital technologies, we not only contribute to the stable supply of electricity, but also provide new added value to customers, such as supply and demand adjustment. We are also conducting initiatives in the field of hydrogen, which is expected to play a role as next-generation fuel.

Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable low-carbon/ decarbonized society while raising our corporate value.

*Eneco is an integrated energy company based in the Netherlands

Organizational Structure

International Power Division

In the International Power Division, we are involved in the overseas power generation and transmission business, the power trading business, the water supply, sewage and seawater desalination business, and the development of the hydrogen business, which is a next-generation source of energy.
In the power generation and transmission business, we are creating an optimal asset portfolio through our involvement in large-scale power generation business development. Through operating companies in the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East and Europe, our focus is on power sources with low environmental impact, centering around renewable energy, and the offshore wind power transmission business. In addition to this, we are involved in the distributed power generation business, with a focus on solar power generation.
In the water supply, sewage and seawater desalination business, we are involved in the operation of water supply projects and the development and operation of water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and seawater desalination plants in the Middle East and Africa, Asia, and Chile through our operating companies.
Furthermore, with regard to the next-generation energy source of hydrogen, we are making developments with its production, storage, and supply, in combination with the renewable energy-focused power generation business.

Main Products and Services
Overseas power generation & transmission business, power trading business, overseas distributed power supply business, overseas water business, hydrogen business
Organizational Structure
Strategy & Planning Office | International Utility Dept.

Utility Retail Division

In the Utility Retail Division, we are pursuing new electricity retailing using renewable energy and digital technology, as well as providing services to power producers, retailers and end customers to promote the adoption of renewable energy in response to the need for power supply-demand balancing functions.
In the power retail business, we provide power to households in Japan, as well as engaged in investing in advanced energy retail companies that utilize digital technology in the UK, and we are also engaged in distributed power supply business using small solar panels and storage batteries, mainly in off-grid areas in Africa.
We are also engaged in the water business, which promotes the development and operation of projects in the water treatment field and other related infrastructure businesses in Japan.

Main Products and Services
Power trading business, power retail business, domestic water business
Organizational Structure
Strategy & Planning Office | Utility Service Dept.

Eneco Office

In the Eneco Office, we are working to support the further growth of Eneco, an integrated energy company in the Netherlands, which we purchased with Chubu Electric Power in March 2020.
With a focus on the three countries of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Eneco is developing its power generation business, with renewable energy at its core, as well as its electricity / gas trading, electricity / gas retail, and district heating supply businesses. Eneco is an advanced integrated energy company that from early on has had customer-focussed service as one of its company goals.
The Eneco Office aims to contribute to solving social issues, such as transitioning to a low carbon society and global environmental conservation, by supporting the infrastructure for peoples’ lives through the further growth of Eneco.

Main Products and Services
Power & gas trading and retail business, power generation business, and district heating business by Eneco in the Netherlands

Domestic Power Business Office

At the Domestic Power Business Office, we are committed to contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society in Japan by 2050 through operating companies, by developing and operating renewable energy sources such as offshore wind, onshore wind, solar, and hydropower, as well as providing solutions to our customers. Furthermore, for thermal power generation, we will work closely and collaboratively with our customers, partners, and local communities to ensure stable supply while advancing the implementation of low-carbon and decarbonization initiatives.

Main Products and Services
Domestic power generation business

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