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Oman/Qalhat LNG project

Oman/Qalhat LNG project

LNG business Oman/Qalhat LNG project

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Contributing to Japan's energy supplies through the liquefaction and export of natural gas produced in Oman

Oman/Qalhat LNG project liquefies and sells natural gas produced in the natural gas fields located in central Oman, resulting in total annual production of approximately 10 million tons of LNG.

Oman LNG is an LNG production and sales company that began LNG production in 2000. Its investors are Mitsubishi Corporation, the government of Oman, Shell, TotalEnergies, Korea LNG, Mitsui & Co., PTTEP, and ITOCHU Corporation. Qalhat LNG is also an LNG production and sales company, which began LNG production at the end of 2005, and whose investors are Mitsubishi Corporation, the government of Oman, Oman LNG, Naturgy, Osaka Gas, and ITOCHU Corporation.

LNG business

Shareholder composition Oman LNG: Government of Oman (51%), Shell (30%), TotalEnergies (5.54%), Mitsubishi Corporation (2.77%), Others
Qalhat LNG: Government of Oman (47%), Oman LNG (37%), Naturgy (7%), Osaka Gas (3%), Mitsubishi Corporation (3%), Others
Location Sur, Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate, Oman
Equity share of production capacity Oman LNG: 197,000 tons/year
Qalhat LNG: 133,000 tons/year