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Next-Generation Energy Business Group

The Next-Generation Energy Business Group is responsible for discovering and developing low-carbon/carbon-free technologies and building supply chains for next-generation energy in order to promote Energy Transformation (EX) initiatives, which is one of the main pillars of MC's growth strategy in its Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024.

In order to provide stable supplies of energy and resources while simultaneously supporting decarbonization efforts of society and businesses, we will help realize a carbon-neutral society by promoting a broad range of initiatives in EX-related value chains while leveraging MC's broad industrial network as a sogo shosha.

Organizational Structure

LPG & Petroleum Feedstock Business Department

The LPG, Petroleum Feedstock Business Department is helping to provide stable supplies of energy and petrochemical feedstock while simultaneously supporting decarbonization efforts through our businesses and transactions related to LPG, naphtha, and crude oil. When it comes to LPG, we are involved in the entire supply chain, from import and trading to retail through Astomos Energy Corporation, a company in which MC holds a 49% stake in. As for naphtha and crude oil, we provide supply and demand adjustment functions with a focus on petrochemical and oil companies in Japan and Asia.

Main Products and Services
LPG, crude oil, petroleum feedstock

New Power Generation Fuels Business Department

The New Power Generation Fuels Business Department focuses on hydrogen/ammonia as a next-generation fuel source that does not emit CO2 when burned, and considers its social implementation an important issue for achieving a carbon-neutral society. To promote the use of fuel ammonia, we are developing projects around the world with the aim of constructing large-scale and stable supply chains.

Main Products and Services
Fuel ammonia, wood pellets

Biofuel & E-fuel Business Department

We develop businesses related to the entire supply chain of biofuels and synthetic fuels derived from clean hydrogen, and are working together with our partners to implement environmentally oriented next-generation transportation fuels, with a focus on SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), in society. We are also in charge of terminal operations in Japan and contribute to providing stable supplies of energy while simultaneously supporting decarbonization and fuel reduction efforts to help solve the issue of climate change.

Main Products and Services
SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), low carbon methanol, low carbon ethanol

Refinery Business Department

The Refinery Business Department promotes petroleum products business in Japan, Asia, and the US. Our mission is to solve industrial issues during the transition to a carbon-neutral society, and to improve efficiency and convenience in the retail & mobility industry, while continuing to fulfill our responsibility to provide stable supply of liquid fuels.

Main Products and Services
Petroleum products

New-Generation Energy & Carbon Management-related Businesses

We are developing businesses such as hydrogen and synthetic fuels, which are expected to become next-generation clean energy sources in the future. We are also engaged in developing businesses related to carbon credits and carbon management, and will adopt a multifaceted approach to contribute to realizing a carbon-neutral society going forward.

Main Products and Services
Hydrogen, carbon-free technologies, next-generation energy, CO2, new-energy related infrastructure, carbon credits, CCUS (carbon capture, utilization & storage)

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