Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Investments

Infrastructure, Ship & Aerospace Division

In 2008, Mitsubishi Corporation provided financing to Chiyoda Corporation by means of a capital increase through third-party allocation, resulting in Chiyoda Corporation becoming an equity-method affiliate. Since then, Mitsubishi Corporation has been providing management and sales support. In response to Chiyoda Corporation’s request to bolster its financial standing, Mitsubishi Corporation made the decision to support its revitalization in May 2019, and in Sep 2019, it became an accounting subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. Since then, Mitsubishi Corporation has dispatched human resources to enhance operation and risk management, and continues to work on combining Chiyoda’s strength in technical capabilities and MC’s strength in operation management.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corporation (MCOI)
Being jointly operated with our strategic partner, MCO (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor), in the US, MCOI is responsible for sales, manufacturing and after sales service in the region.
MC Shipping Ltd.
MC Shipping Ltd. carries out ship-owning business including technical and commercial management for vessels owned by Mitsubishi Corporation's wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries and overseas affiliate companies, as well as supervising works during construction of new-building vessels. Also, the company is acting as an agent of sales and purchase as well as chartering business of the vessels for domestic and overseas customers.
Japan Space Imaging
Japan Space Imaging Corporation, known as JSI, provides Japanese various customers with the best satellite intelligence service available in the world using the world highest quality optical satellite constellation by U.S.MAXAR Technologies Inc., radar satellites for all-weather day-and-night collection, small satellites enabling higher collection frequency, etc. JSI also sales some Japanese commercial satellite imageries to overseas customers.
Mitsubishi Corporation Machinery, Inc.
Mitsubishi Corporation Machinery, Inc. is a professional trading company involved in services related to construction of power plants, chemical plants, social infrastructure, and railway infrastructure, and its operations include the supply of related equipment, repair work, and the import of helicopters and defense-related systems.

Industrial Machinery Division

Mitsubishi Corporation
Mitsubishi Corporation Technos pursues the goal of becoming a strategic partner that contributes to the development of manufacturing in Japan and the world through consulting-based sales for a wide range of factory equipment, such as machine tools, industrial robots, conveyance equipment, measuring equipment, manufacturing equipment for solar batteries, rechargeable batteries and LEDs, energy-saving and environmental equipment. In addition, the company provides various services to solve new challenges, such as support for the introduction of IoT in the manufacturing industry and the promotion of decarbonization. Since April 2019, it has formed business alliance with GE Additive, and has been selling metal 3D printers at the Tokyo Customer Experience Center, a showroom and laboratory, aiming to provide comprehensive solution services related to additive manufacuring including the design and production of molds and parts.
MC Machinery Systems,
In the American markets, MC Machinery Systems, Inc. is engaged in selling machine tools. Main products are the Electrical Discharge Machine and LASER cutting machines made by Mitsubishi Electric. It also provides solutions such as automation systems to meet labor-saving needs, and after-sale service which includes application technology.
MC Machinery Systems India Private
In the Indian market, MC Machinery Systems India Private Ltd. is engaged in selling machine tools. Main product is Electrical Discharge Machine and LASER cutting machines made by Mitsubishi Electric. It also provides after-sale service which includes application technology.
About half a century of experience in the agricultural machinery distribution business, MSK FARM MACHINERY CORPORATION aims to contribute to the sustainable, sound development of the Japanese agricultural sector.
Through its nationwide network across Japan, the company provides a wide variety of state of the art agricultural machinery, mainly for dairy, livestock, and field crop farmers, from globally renowned manufacturers such as AGCO (“MASSEY FERGUSON” / ”FENDT” tractor brands) and CLAAS (harvesters). On top of domestic and foreign agricultural equipment, MSK FARM MACHINERY CORPORATION provides high quality after-sales service. In addition, the company offers farming support services that enable variable rate fertilizer application by combining our large, high-performance agricultural machinery with satellite information and AI.
As an integrated rental services company, Nikken Corporation aims to be a strategic partner to its customers by providing high quality services that meet various needs through its network of more than 240 outlets across Japan and its technological and servicing strengths.
Diamond Construction Equipment (Japanese)
While resolving issues common across the construction equipment rental sector, Diamond Construction Equipment Corporation is operating a wholesale rental (Long term re-rentals) business for construction equipment rental companies and their parts e-procurement platform to contribute to the further development of the rental sector.
PT. Berlian Amal
A joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation, Nikken Corporation and Indonesian partners, PT. Berlian Amal Perkasa provides one of the largest, safest and most reliable construction machinery rental services in the Indonesian market.
Diamond Rental Myanmar Co.,
A joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation, Nikken Corporation and a Myanmar partner, Diamond Rental Myanmar Co., Ltd. provides construction machinery rental services in the Myanmar market with the industry’s broadest product lineup, from small machinery to large construction equipment.
T.S.K Diamond Rental Co., Ltd.
A joint venture between MC, Nikken Corporation and Thailand partner, T.S.K Diamond Rental Co., Ltd. provides crane rental services mainly for the plant sector, which has strict safety standards in the Thai market.
ALSOK Souei Co., (Japanese)
As a member of the ALSOK Group, ALSOK Souei Co., Ltd. contributes to solving social and environmental issues by developing comprehensive services in Japan that provide safety and security, backed by advanced technology and extensive experience in security and facilities management. Such services include security and BCP, smarter buildings and facilities, and other services supporting energy and labor savings.
Backed by cutting-edge IoT technology, Network Corporation develops and sells open management systems for building facilities, which allows interchangeability and interoperability of subsystems, and provides solutions to meet the future needs for smarter building facilities and decarbonization.
Prompt Techno Service Co.,
In the Thai market, Prompt Techno Service Co., Ltd. has been engaged in facilities and equipment management of buildings and factories. The company provides high-quality maintenance and management services that meet the needs of its customers by combining the network and expertise that local partner THS Group has cultivated over many years with the knowledge and expertise which Mitsubishi Corporation and ALSOK have accumulated through their business in Japan.
THS Innovation Co.,
In the maintenance and management of facilities and equipment in the Thai market, THS Innovation Co., Ltd. provides services that make full use of IoT technology to address social issues and customer needs. The company also provides energy management services to reduce electricity costs for air conditioning systems in Thailand’s factories and offices.