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Fukuoka Airport, Japan

Fukuoka Airport, Japan

Airport Operation Business Fukuoka Airport, Japan

(Photo Credit: Fukuoka International Airport Co., Ltd.)

Aiming to become one of the best international airports in East Asia

Fukuoka International Airport Co., Ltd., a joint venture composed of Fukuoka Airport Holdings Co., Ltd., Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation, Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. and Fukuoka Prefecture, is the operator of Fukuoka Airport in Japan. It carries out the airport’s daily operations (except activities such as air traffic control) including expansion, maintenance management and improvements of airport facilities such as airport terminal building and runway. It aims to become the operator of one of the best international airports in East Asia by expanding its airline network with east and southeast Asia.

  • Photo by JAPC

Airport Operation Business

Airport operation ranges from the operation of passenger terminal buildings to the maintenance of runways and taxiways, and marketing activities to commercial retailers and airlines. Private sector participation is increasing globally in the field of airport operation business. Mitsubishi Corporation has been participating in the airport operation business since 2015, taking advantage of its 30 year experience in overseas airport construction. It is committed to contributing to providing solutions to issues faced by each region and achieve economic and social development through the airport operation business which is the gateway to countries and regions.