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Trinidad methanol/dimethyl ether project

Trinidad methanol/dimethyl ether project

Manufacture and sale of methanol/DME Trinidad methanol/dimethyl ether project

Responding to growth in global demand for methanol

In the Trinidad (Caribbean Gas Chemical) methanol/dimethyl ether project, we constructed a methanol manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 1 million tons and started commercial operation in December 2020. The manufacture of the basic chemical methanol and dimethyl ether liquefied gas (using Trinidad’s natural gas as the main raw material) will not only support the economic growth of Trinidad and surrounding Caribbean countries, but that will also help meet the increased demand for methanol, which is expanding at a global level.

Methanol business

Methanol is produced mainly from natural gas, and is used in a wide range of applications including adhesives, agrochemicals, paint, synthetic resin, and the raw material for synthetic fibers. Also, in addition to existing spray applications, dimethyl ether is a next-generation clean energy source that is attracting attention as a future substitute for LPG and for diesel fuel used in vehicles and power generation. Global demand for methanol is approximately 95 million tons annually, and growth is expected to continue to track that of GDP going forward. Mitsubishi Corporation handles around 2.5 million tons annually, an amount that is equivalent to roughly 10% of global offshore trading.