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Saudi Arabian/Petrochemical Project

Saudi Arabian/Petrochemical Project

Polyethylene/ethylene glycol manufacturing Saudi Arabian/Petrochemical Project

A national project contributing to Saudi Arabian industry and employment

SHARQ has been producing the petrochemical products of polyethylene and ethylene glycol since 1985. Using Saudi Arabia's natural gas reserves as a raw material, this facility has achieved and sustained stable operation. Having been through three rounds of capacity increases, its production capacity ranks among the highest globally. Through SPDC in which it first invested in 1979, Mitsubishi Corporation is contributing to the development of Saudi Arabia's petrochemicals industry. Through its continued support of the plastics fabrication training school, in the establishment of which it collaborated, Mitsubishi Corporation also helps promote human resources development and employment in Saudi Arabia.

Polyethylene/ethylene glycol business

Polyethylene (PE) and ethylene glycol (EG) are petrochemical products that are used as raw materials in such applications as packaging materials, film, PET resin, and polyester fibers, and these are the mainstay products of Mitsubishi Corporation's petrochemical business. Using its global network, Mitsubishi Corporation sells into Japan, China and other Asian and European markets, in addition to which it is working to strengthen the value chain from raw materials to products, and helping to enhance the quality of people's daily lives in the chemical industry sector, which has broad exposure to clothing, food and housing.