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Thailand / Thai Shinkong Project

Thailand / Thai Shinkong Project

Plastic Chemical Recycling Business Thailand / Thai Shinkong Project

Contributing to the Realization of a Low Carbon, Recycling-oriented Society

Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation Ltd. (TSIC) produces and sells PET resin for beverage bottles in Thailand. PET resin is a highly recyclable mono-material for which there are established collection and recycling systems. TSIC is planning to manufacture recycled PET resin through the introduction of chemical recycling technologies, and commercial production is scheduled to start in the first half of 2023.

New Initiatives Related to Plastics

In response to growing worldwide environmental awareness triggered by the problem of marine plastic pollution, Mitsubishi Corporation has been working to promote business that addresses societal demands, such as encouraging plastic recycling and switching to bioplastic and other alternative materials. To this end, in September 2018 it established the Plastics Sustainability Strategy Office, and has been cooperating with business partners in Japan and overseas, while utilizing the Mitsubishi Corporation Group’s network that encompasses all stages in the plastic life cycle, from raw materials and products, to retail.