Widen the Field of Parasports

We will provide opportunities for even more adults and children with impairments (including children with congenital disorders) to enjoy sports.


Raise Awareness and Promote Understanding of Parasports

We will increase understanding and awareness of parasports by giving more employees and members of the public opportunities to get involved in parasports competitions and events as volunteers or participants.

  • Sports Classes for Children with an Impairments

    We will offer various sporting opportunities for children with impairments such as sports classes and cerebral palsy football 7-a-side training.

  • Seminars / Volunteer Training Courses

    We will hold introductory seminars and volunteer training courses related to parasports throughout the year. We will also encourage employees to volunteer in various sporting competitions.

  • Sporting Events

    We will create opportunities to raise awareness and promote understanding of parasports by holding sporting events in which anyone can participate regardless of their physical ability level.

  • Competitions

    We will continue our support for athletes by sponsoring various events such as the Oita International Wheelchair marathon and holding cerebral palsy football 7-a-side competitions.