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Corporate Philanthropy

Doing Our Part for Society, Future Generations and the Global Environment Doing Our Part for Society, Future Generations and the Global Environment


MC focuses on philanthropic activities in line with three overarching themes: “Realizing an Inclusive Society,” “Empowering the Next Generation” and “Conserving the Environment.” In addition, MC provides support for regions affected by natural disasters, including recovery efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake. Our employees continue to actively participate in long-running programs that focus on contributing to the communities in which we operate on a global basis.

  • 1. Realizing an Inclusive Society

    MC aims to help realize a society where everyone can play an active role. We are continuing our activities to contribute toward a world where everyone can respect each other and coexist regardless of background, physical condition or way of life.

    • DREAM AS ONE.Project in Support of Parasports
    • Friendship Camp for Mothers and Children
    • Museum and Art Gallery Program
  • 2. Empowering the Next Generation

    MC will actively support education, research and capacity development in order to contribute to the growth and self-reliance of the next generation who will be responsible for tomorrow’s society.

    • Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program
    • Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship for Studies in Japan
    • MC International Scholarship
  • 3. Conserving the Environment

    MC is committed to environmental conservation efforts in order to pass on our irreplaceable Earth to future generations and to realize a prosperous society where people live in harmony with nature.

    • Tropical Forest Regeneration Project
    • Global Coral Reef Conservation Project
  • Support for Natural Disaster

    As a member of the communities in which we live and work, MC provides emergency support in the event of natural disasters and engages in recovery efforts in the affected areas according to their specific needs.

    • Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Efforts

Doing Our Part for Society, Future Generations and the Global Environment

MC's commitment to contributing to building prosperous, sustainable societies in the places where we operate worldwide is deeply embedded in our corporate culture based on our corporate philosophy, the Three Corporate Principles. MC established an office to oversee social and environmental affairs in 1973 in recognition that, as good corporate citizens, companies should actively pursue initiatives to contribute to society, and that the expense of those activities should be borne as part of the social cost of doing business before reaping any profits. Since then, MC has promoted a number of self-driven corporate philanthropy projects with the aim of bettering our global society.

Introduction to MC's Corporate Philanthropy Activities