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MC Healthcare, Inc.

MC Healthcare, Inc.

Hospital Management & Procurement Support MC Healthcare Holdings

Total Solutions Partner for Hospitals

There are a lot of challenges in the Japanese healthcare sector, such as the increase in medical spending caused by Japan's ageing society. MC Healthcare's main business activities include solutions for management/ procurement of medical supplies, group purchasing services and medical equipment maintenance services. Through its activities, MC Healthcare helps to streamline daily hospital operations so that frontline healthcare workers can spend more time providing patient care services. The company also imports and sells advanced medical devices through MC Medical and Japan Medical Next.

Healthcare Business

Mitsubishi Corporation is dedicated to help create a better society through innovative business models in the healthcare field. We support hospital management with a number of services, such as procurement support and supply-chain-management of medical consumerbles/pharmaceuticals, planning and consulting services for introduction of medical equipment/IT systems, and the import of advanced medical devices from overseas. Mitsubishi Corporation is also a pioneer in elderly care equipment rental business. Leveraging expertise attained in Japan, the company has expanded its business into China.