Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Investments

Retail Division

Gourmet Delica Co., (Japanese)
Gourmet Delica is a manufacturer and seller of pre-cooked foods such as lunch boxes and steamed rice products. It has excellent production technology and product development capacity, and has supplied Lawson, Inc. for nearly 30 years. Gourmet Delica delivers delicious time to people's daily lives.
Transaction Media Networks
A company that provides "cashless payment solutions." Via the company's cloud-based ASP center, it provides a one-stop solution for electronic money, credit cards, QR codes, prepaid cards, etc. to a wide range of businesses, such as supermarkets and convenience stores, and approximately 800,000 payment terminals are connected to the company's center. It is currently promoting "information processing," which fuses cashless payments and marketing solutions. It aims to create new services by connecting information and a safe, secure and convenient consumption environment.
Life (Japanese)
Life Corporation is the largest independent food supermarket chain in the industry, with 285 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kinki areas, as of January 31, 2022. Through inspired, reliable management, and under the corporate philosophy of contributing to the realization of a sustainable and abundant society, the company aims for all of its stores to be No. 1 in their region and the most trusted by customers.
Loyalty Marketing,
In addition to managing the general operations of the coalition loyalty program "Ponta," Loyalty Marketing, Inc. (LM) operates a multi-faceted marketing support business. For consumers, Ponta offers the convenience of easily collecting and redeeming points anywhere with a single card, fun by building connections through characters, and opportunities to easily participate in activities for SDGs through its smartphone application. For client companies, LM offers not only acquisition of new customers, but also various analytical data and sales promotion planning that contributes to the improvement of customer satisfaction.
By promising to deliver outstanding good taste and kindness to everyone and their local communities, Lawson aspires to become a convenience store that puts a smile on its customers' faces and allows everyone to feel at ease. Lawson strives to quickly grasp the challenges faced by society and the increasingly diversiying needs of consumers to swiftly drive innovation and enhance its products and services.
Acasia Foods Co., (Chinese)
Acasia Foods Co., Ltd., headquartered in Dalian, operates food courts, company cafeterias and school cafeterias across mainland China. It also supplies food products to clients such as convenience stores and supermarkets from its central kitchen.

Apparel & S.P.A. Division

Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co.,
Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd., wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation, strives to create a natural and sustainable society that is not only conscious about issues such as overproduction and mass disposal, but also delivers high-quality clothing and daily necessities to consumers around the globe by providing services that utilize sophisticated supply chains and digital technologies for all aspects of our lifestyles, ranging from clothing to fashion accessories, household goods, furniture and footwear.

Healthcare Division

MC Healthcare (Japanese)
There are a lot of challenges in the Japanese healthcare sector, such as the increase in medical spending caused by Japan's ageing society. MC Healthcare's main business activities include solutions for management/ procurement of medical supplies, group purchasing services and medical equipment maintenance services. Through its activities, MC Healthcare helps to streamline daily hospital operations so that frontline healthcare workers can spend more time providing patient care services. The company also imports and sells advanced medical devices through MC Medical and Japan Medical Next.
Nippon Care Supply Co., Ltd. (Japanese)
As society continues to age and with the aim of "contributing to a healthy and long-living society," the company aims to create new value by further enhancing its core business of rental and wholesale of welfare equipment, incorporating state-of-the-art digital technology, and further strengthening new business such as sales of lifestyle support goods and meal services.
Whitehealthcare Inc. (Japanese)
Due in large part to the country's aging population, the cost of healthcare in Japan continues to rise, which is increasing the burden on health insurance societies and other insurers. Whitehealthcare is helping to ease that burden by providing new solutions in healthcare. In addition to supporting businesses that are fundamentally dedicated to addressing the challenges in the health insurance industry, Whitehealthcare offers its own broad array of digital solutions, covering the management of healthcare services and products (such as pharmaceuticals), and analyses of medical claims and other data.

Logistics & Food Distribution Division

Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co.,
Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd., as a wholesaler, fulfills the intermediate distribution functions between production and consumption, such as sales channels and logistics. It aims to provide value that is not limited to just usual food distribution, but also that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through the food business.
Mitsubishi Corporation Packaging
Mitsubishi Corporation Packaging Ltd. is a strategic subsidiary in the paper and packaging field. The company is a customer-driven total solution provider based on its one-stop service for packaging raw materials, products and systems regardless of material with R&D function, and 365-day SCM capability.
Mitsubishi Corporation LT,
Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc. provides global contract logistics service by leveraging its global network across Japan, China, Europe, and the US, as well as MC's capabilities as a trading company.
Kanro Inc. is a leading domestic candy manufacturer whose main products include "Kanro Ame," "Kin no Milk," "Kenko Ume Nodoame," and "Puré Gummy."
Since 2012, the company has operated its own retail store "Hitotsubu Kanro," offering the unique and premium candy products.
With its new corporate purpose "Sweeten the Future" it will contribute to a thriving tomorrow for humanity and the Earth, opening hearts and minds to possibilities.
Gaussy, Inc. (Japanese)
Gaussy offers "Roboware" ( , a warehouse robot subscription service which enables warehouse automation and "WareX" ( , an on demand warehouse sharing service to promote digital transformations (DX) in Japanese warehousing industry.