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Agrex do Brasil LTDA.

Agrex do Brasil LTDA.

Grain & Oilseed Procurement / Sales, Agricultural Materials Sales, and Grain Production Agrex do Brasil LTDA.

Grain business in Brazil

Agrex do Brasil, located in the state of Goias, Brazil, engages in the procurement and sales of grain, sales of agricultural inputs, and production of grain. As a procurement hub in Brazil, one of the world's leading producers of grain, Agrex do Brasil is a key link in MC's supply chain and helps to ensure a stable supply of grain.

Grain & Oilseed Business

MC continues to develop its integrated grain supply chain, which encompasses everything from production to retail for consumers in Japan and other countries throughout Asia. In addition to establishing sourcing hubs in grain production / export nations such as the U.S., Brazil, and Australia, MC is expanding its demand base to meet consumer needs with a stable supply of safe and secure food products.