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Leading global company in the food and agri-business

Conducting business operations in more than 60 countries worldwide, Olam Group holds global leadership positions in various categories, such as coffee, cocoa, grains, and nuts, etc. In addition to agricultural production, the group has built a supply chain comprising of not only a sourcing network of more than five million farmers, but also operations relating to trading, raw materials processing, and product manufacturing, and it sells raw materials and products to more than 20,000 companies. Moreover, through interactions with farmers, the group is conducting initiatives to solve environmental and societal problems, while keeping sustainability at the core of its business. In 2015, MC concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with the group, which involved the establishment of a joint-venture company for food raw materials sales in Japan, MC Agri Alliance Ltd.

Food & Beverage Materials Business

With the global population increasing and levels of affluence rising, it is expected that demand for indulgence foods such as coffee, chocolate and nuts will increase. However, the raw materials for these foods are grown in various locations around the world, and there is growing unevenness in capacity for supply among the regions. Having concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with the Olam Group, which has a global agri-business network, MC is engaged in building a supply chain capable of flexible supply of raw materials, semi-processed goods and finished products that offer safety and security, great taste and healthy options, in addition to being respectful of human rights and the environment while meeting the needs of a diversifying range of consumers.