Mitsubishi Corporation



Land-based Salmon Farming Business ATLAND Corp.

Sustainable Business Model of Local Production for Local Consumption

In October 2022, MC and Maruha Nichiro established a new joint venture company, ATLAND Corp., that will specialize in the land-based production of salmon in Nyuzen town of Toyama prefecture. The aim of the joint project is to create a salmon local-production-for-local-consumption business model in East Asia (including Japan) that utilizes land-based aquaculture and the recirculating aquaculture systems that are being introduced in many countries around the world in recent years.

Marine Products Business

With demand for seafood rising in line with global population growth, and an increased interest in sustainable supply, the importance of fish farming on top of wild-caught fish is ever-increasing. With a focus on tuna and salmon, MC is working to develop a sustainable production, processing and sales business model. As well as increasing products that have international fishing/farming certifications such as MSC/ASC, in 2014, MC acquired a Norwegian salmon farming, processing and sales company, making it one of the world's largest salmon farmers by volume.