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Business Investments

Food Sciences Division

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences
Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences (MCLS) is a global manufacturer and distributor for food ingredients such as a wide variety of seasonings and functional foods to support our life from food and health aspects. MCLS also focuses on R&D to offer new ingredients with health function, leveraging our broad experience and industrial knowledge on food business.
Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients,
Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients is a distributor for food ingredients, food additives and fine-chemicals, dedicated in North America market. We offer a variety of products to more than 8,000 clients accordingly to their needs.
Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Pvt.
Deccan is a world top-class fine chemical CDMO with three manufacturing facilities in India, where the agrochemical market has been rapidly growing. Deccan offers manufacturing solutions to global agrochemical players while expanding its target to other fine chemicals.
PeptiGrowth Inc.
PeptiGrowth develops, produces and sells peptide alternatives to growth factors, which are used in the manufacturing of products for cell therapy and regenerative medicines. Through this business, PeptiGrowth will help to address challenges of the industry and contribute to further advancement of cell therapy and regenerative medicines.

Food Resources Division

Headquartered in Kansas, the heart of the U.S. Corn Belt, Agrex procures, trades, and exports grain. The company deals in corn, soybeans, wheat, and other commodities within the U.S., but also exports overseas, with a focus on Asia.
Agrex do Brasil (Portuguese)
Based in Brazil, one of the world's leading food producing nations, Agrex do Brasil is involved in the procurement and sale of grains such as soybeans and corn, sales of agricultural inputs including fertilizer, chemicals, and seeds, as well as grain production on its farms.
MC has participated in the company's management since 2012, and it was made a full subsidiary in 2019.
Agrex do Brasil contributes to the stable procurement and supply of grains in the northern and central-western parts of Brazil, a country whose importance as a supplier of foodstuffs is further expected to rise.
SUNNY MAIZE CO., (Japanese)
SUNNY MAIZE is one of Japan's largest producers of corn grits and corn flour, which are dry processed to make things like cereals, confectionary and beer. The company is committed to exploring new possibilities in corn processing that will contribute to our sustainably healthy and fulfilling quality of life.
Seto Futo Co., (Japanese)
Seto Futo is a silo company that primarily handles grains, industrial salt, silica sand and other bulk freight at its Mizushima Port facility in Japan's Okayama Prefecture. In addition to its receiving capacity being large enough to accommodate some of the world's largest bulk carriers, Seto Futo's diverse operations in port transportation, customs clearances, storage, distribution processing and shipping have firmly established it as MC's comprehensive logistics base in Western Japan.
Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., (Japanese)
As Japan's largest firm manufacturing and selling starches and sweeteners, such as corn starch, high fructose corn syrup and glucose, the company creates a range of products by utilizing its expert know-how and technology. The company also provides services and solutions through a proactive "proposal-style" marketing approach in a wide range of fields, including food products, paper milling, and pharmaceuticals.
The four primary business segments of the company are its Animal Feed Business, Aqua Feed Business, Egg Business (sales of hen eggs such as the "Yodoran-Hikari" brand of iodine-enriched eggs), and Pet Food Business. The company develops its business in each of these segments to "Promote Food & Life of Tomorrow."
Riverina (Australia) Pty.,
Headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Riverina is involved in the procurement, sales, and export of grains, as well as the manufacturing and sales of compound feed.
Mitsui DM Sugar Holdings Co.,
Under the corporate philosophy of "Enriching your happiness", Mitsui DM Sugar Holdings is developing its sugar, food and real estate businesses in Japan, while also expanding its sugar business overseas in China, Singapore, and Thailand.
Nitto-Fuji Flour Milling Co.,
Aiming to promote the use of flour, a principal food ingredient in Japan, and contribute to the food culture of the country, Nitto-Fuji Flour Milling is developing a business in the food services industry in addition to its flour milling business. In addition, the company is developing a premix flour business in Vietnam and Thailand.
MC Agri Alliance
Utilizing the functions for procurement, sales, and product development, etc., MC Agri Alliance Ltd. delivers sustainable, high value-added, reliable, and safe food and beverage raw materials to customers.
Olam Group
Conducting business operations in more than 60 countries worldwide, the Olam Group holds one of the world's largest shares in various categories such as coffee, cocoa, grains, nuts, and spices. It has established a supply chain with a strong emphasis on sustainability, covering agricultural production, collection of goods, distribution, processing, and product manufacturing. MC concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Olam in 2015.
With its uniquely developed variety of sesame that can be harvested mechanically, Sesaco became the first company in the world to enable modern farming techniques to be used in sesame production. The company produces dependable and safe sesame in the United States, and manufactures and sells processed sesame - a market that is expanding against a backdrop of health consciousness.
TH Foods,
Throughout the United States, the world largest consumer market, TH Foods is developing, producing and supplying customers with high quality crackers and snacks.

Marine Products Division

Cermaq Group
Cermaq is one of the major salmon farming / processing / sales company in the world, with total production of 200 thousand metric tons per year. It farms salmon in Norway, Chile and Canada, and processes it into quality portions and fillets, etc., that are supplied to customers in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries around the world.
Toyo Reizo Co., (Japanese)
Toyo Reizo handles a wide range of seafood and processed marine products, with a focus on tuna, shrimp and salmon for sashimi use.
Through sustainable use of marine resources, the company contributes to the protection of Japan's food culture so it can be passed down to future generations, along with the realization of an enriched society.
Dia Merchandise Co., Ltd.
Dia Merchandise is a food wholesaler established in 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand. By strategically using MC's procurement capabilities and meticulous dispatch services, the company delivers a wide range of products to customers in Thailand and surrounding countries, such as seafood, primarily salmon, modified starch, rice, flour and mixed flours.
Zhejiang Daling Seafood Co.,
Zhejiang Daling Seafood was established in 2013 as a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., Ltd., the largest private fishing company in China, and is involved in the processing and sales of seafood.
The company supplies seafood products to consumers in China under its motto: "safe, with peace of mind, healthy and delicious."
ATLAND Corporation
ATLAND Corp. was established in October 2022 as a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Maruha Nichiro Corporation, specialized in the land-based production of salmon. ATLAND will construct a land-based aquaculture facility that utilizes Recirculating Aquaculture Systems in Nyuzen town of Toyama prefecture, with the aims of starting operations in 2025 and completing the first delivery in 2027.

Farm, Dairy & Meat Produce Div.

Indiana Packers
Located in the U.S. Midwest, in the state of Indiana, Indiana Packers Corporation is a company that slaughters hogs and processes pork. The company produces pork and bacon using the latest equipment under strict sanitary control and sells the products mainly to the U.S. and Japanese markets.
Japan Farm, (Japanese)
As the production department in the domestic livestock integration system, Japan Farm, Ltd. is responsible for the stable supply of meat and meat processed products. Carrying out the production, slaughtering and processing of poultry and production of pigs, the company provides safe and secure products based on meticulous quality control and breeding.
Itoham Yonekyu Holdings
Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells processed meat products, meat products, processed food products and precooked food products. The company contributes to the realization of sound and affluent society through business.
Foodlink Corporation's mission is to contribute to the development of the livestock industry and food culture through product development and sales related to livestock integration. It provides safe and secure food to Japan's consumers by carrying out product development, sales, and distribution functions of meat and processed meat.
KFC Holdings Japan, (Japanese)
Since its arrival in Japan in 1970, the company "KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN JAPAN LIMITED" has strictly protected Colonel Sanders' "secret recipe" and continues to provide great unique taste to customers. We aim to bring to everyone safe and trustworthy food products with special care through our KFC stores.
Dairy Products Solutions Co., (Japanese)
While trading foreign and domestic dairy products such as cheese and powdered milk, Dairy Products Solutions Co., Ltd. also operates its own processing facilities for products including shredded cheese and processed cheese. It provides safe and tasty dairy products to Japanese consumers.
With its headquarters in Indonesia, PT EMINA CHEESE INDONESIA is a processed cheese manufacturer / wholesaler that supplies stick, block and sliced cheese products, etc. to Indonesia and other countries in Asia. The company’s mission is to contribute to society by creating new food culture and help as many people as possible to have a healthy and enjoyable diet.
Salad Club, (Japanese)
Salad Club is a company that produces packaged salads formed jointly by Kewpie and Mitsubishi Corporation in 1999. As the market leading company in Japan, Salad Club, Inc. provides packaged salads with "safe and secure," "handy and convenient," and "environmentally sustainable" to the consumers through "Farm to Table."
The Mitsuhashi, (Japanese)
Mitsuhashi is a rice milling and processing company. Mitsuhashi manufactures rice products meeting consumer's needs at their own 6 factories across Japan under strict sanitary and quality control.
WaterCell (Japanese)
WaterCell is a software company who develop and penetrate "Agri-Note" which is a cloud applicaition system for management of agriculture. Through using data of production and management in agricultural industry, we are working for realizing "Smart Agriculture" in Japan. We will transform agriculture, from memory to record.

Global Markets Dept.

Princes a wholly owned subsidiary of MC with its HQ based in the UK, involved in the manufacture, import and distribution of foods and beverage. Within its portfolio, Princes is home to leading foods, beverage and edible oils brands including "Princes", "Napolina", "Branston", "Crosse & Blackwell" and "Crisp'n Dry". Princes launched new plant-based brand "Plot 9" in 2021 and focuses on expanding its plant-based product portfolio.
PT. MC Living Essentials
PT. MC Living Essentials Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of MC. It promotes new business development while providing strategic guidance and support to various businesses operating under the MC Group in Indonesia, such as those related to food manufacturing, distribution and retailing.