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Message from President and CEO

Fiscal year 2023 will be the second year of "Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 – Creating MC Shared Value" which was announced in May 2022.

Today, we face an external environment that is characterized by even greater uncertainty as reflected by the situation in Ukraine and current financial market trends in Europe and the US, in addition to increasing polarization and fragmentation in the international community and concerns over the reliable and stable supply of energy.

At times such as these, when the future is especially unclear, it is all the more important to consider ways of preparing for the future.
"Look to the future, envision the range of possibilities it may bring, and then closely examine current issues and potential moves based on that vision, while embracing aspirations to create a new future."
This is the mindset behind Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024.

Based on our vision of the future, we are seeking to promote an integrated approach to Energy Transformation (EX) and Digital Transformation (DX), and by connecting these efforts with initiatives that enable us to stay a half step or full step ahead, we aim to play a role in creating new industries. It is for this reason that we presented EX, DX and Creating a New Future as growth strategies for Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024. As a company with ties to many industries, we will strive to create new value in the form of MC Shared Value (MCSV) by fully drawing on our collective capabilities, which are rooted in the diversity and connections we have cultivated over the years.

MC has continued to grow in step with society by developing businesses in response to the needs of the changing times. As such, collaborating and growing together with our diverse stakeholders is essential for increasing corporate value. We will be more proactive than ever in engaging our stakeholders in sustained dialogues as we seek to achieve sustainable growth through the creation of MCSV.

We will strive to fulfill our responsibility as a company by continuously creating significant shared value while seeking to address various societal and industrial challenges, based on the spirit of the Three Corporate Principles, our corporate philosophy since MC's founding.

We are grateful for the continued support of all our stakeholders and look forward to working with all of you to create a new future.

Katsuya Nakanishi
President & CEO
April 2023

Midterm Corporate Strategy

MC has announced its new three-year management plan, entitled "Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 – Creating MC Shared Value."

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