Mitsubishi Corporation

Our Business

  • Industry Digital Transformation Group

    Digital Business Development Dept.

    Industrial Value Chain DX Dept.

    Power & Community DX Dept.

    Service Industry DX Dept.

  • Next-Generation Energy Business Group

    LPG & Petroleum Feedstock Business Dept.

    New Power Generation Fuels Business Dept.

    Biofuel & E-fuel Business Dept.

    Refinery Business Dept.

    New-Generation Energy & Carbon Management-related Businesses

  • Natural Gas Group

    Asia-Pacific Div.

    • Brunei Natural Gas Dept.
    • Malaysia Natural Gas Dept.
    • Indonesia Natural Gas Dept.
    • Australia Natural Gas Dept.
    • Russia Natural Gas Dept.

    North America Div.

    • Strategy Planning and Investment Management Office

    New LNG Ventures & Marketing Div.

    • Business Development Dept.
    • Delivery Operations Management Dept.
    • Global Marketing Office
  • Industrial Materials Group

    Materials Solutions Div.

    • Materials Business Transformation Dept.
    • Industrial Materials DX Dept.

    Steel Products Div.

    Performance Materials Div.

    • Carbon Materials Dept.
    • PVC & Functional Chemicals Dept.
    • Performance Materials Business Development Dept.

    Ceramic Minerals Dept.

    Construction Materials Dept.

  • Chemicals Solution Group

    Ecological Materials & Chemicals Business Div.

    • Agriculture Solution Office
    • Petrochemicals Business Dept.
    • Semiconductor & Ecological Materials Business Dept.
    • Basic Chemicals Business Dept.

    Global Marketing Div.

    • Basic Petrochemicals Marketing Dept.
    • Refinery Chemicals Marketing Dept.
    • Chlor-Alkali Marketing Dept.
    • Alcohol & C1 Chemicals Marketing Dept.
  • Mineral Resources Group

    Mineral Resources Investment Div.

    • Strategic Planning Office
    • MDP Dept.
    • Iron Ore Dept.
    • Base Metals Dept.
    • Aluminium Dept.
    • Battery Minerals Office

    Mineral Resources Trading Div.

    • RtM Office
  • Industrial Infrastructure Group

    Infrastructure, Ship & Aerospace Div.

    • Infrastructure Projects Dept.
    • Engineering Business Dept.
    • Ship Dept.
    • Defense and Aerospace Dept.

    Industrial Machinery Div.

    • Building Solutions Dept.
    • Construction Solution Dept.
    • Industrial Solution Development Office
  • Automotive & Mobility Group

    Automotive Business Div.

    • Indonesia Automotive Dept.
    • ASEAN & South West Asia Automotive Dept.
    • North Asia Automotive Dept.
    • Eurasia & America Automotive Dept.

    Isuzu Business Div.

    • Isuzu ASEAN Dept.
    • Isuzu Oceania, Europe & Americas Dept.
    • Isuzu India & Middle East Dept.

    Mobility Business Div.

    • Mobility Service Dept.
    • Automotive Retail Service Dept.
    • Mobility Energy Transformation Business Dept.
    • Tire Dept.

    Battery Solution Development Dept.

  • Food Industry Group

    Food Sciences Div.

    • Bio-Fine Chemicals Dept.
    • Food Ingredients Dept.

    Food Resources Div.

    • Grain, Oilseeds, and Feed Materials Dept.
    • Sugar & Wheat Flour Dept.
    • Global Consumer Products Dept.

    Marine Products Div.

    • Marine Products Dept.

    Farm, Dairy & Meat Produce Div.

    • Livestock & Meat Products Dept.
    • Agricultural Produce & Dairy Products Dept.

    Global Markets Dept.

    • Food manufacturing and sales in foreign countries
  • Consumer Industry Group

    Retail Div.

    • Consumer Marketing Dept.

    Apparel & S.P.A. Div.

    • Lifestyle Business Dept.
    • Apparel Business Dept.

    Healthcare Div.

    • Healthcare Dept.

    Logistics & Food Distribution Div.

    • Logistics Business Dept.
    • Food Distribution Dept.
  • Power Solution Group

    International Power Div.

    • Strategy & Planning Office
    • International Utility Dept.

    Utility Retail Div.

    • Strategy & Planning Office
    • Utility Service Dept.

    Eneco Office

    Domestic Power Business Office

  • Urban Development Group

    Urban Development & Infrastructure Div.

    • Transportation Infrastructure Dept.
    • Digital Infrastructure Dept.
    • Real Estate Business Management Office
    • Domestic Business Development Office

    Global Urban Development Div.

    • Asia Business Development Dept.
    • North America Business Management Office
    • Global Business Development Office

    Financial Business Div.

    • Merchant Banking Dept.
    • Leasing Business Dept.