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Industrial Materials Group

The Industrial Materials Group conducts various activities to help realize a carbon-neutral society. These include efforts such as strengthening our functional materials business, which underpins the digitization and electrification of society, and the proliferation of more lightweight solutions and electric vehicles (EVs) in the automotive and mobility sectors, enhancing our silica sand business which provides the raw materials used for solar power generation panels, and engaging in carbon capture and utilization (CCU) initiatives in the fields of construction and infrastructure.

In addition, by combining digital technology with real businesses essential to material distribution, we will strive to address the issue of labor shortages and surplus costs caused by complex distribution structures and work processes. At the same time, we will also utilize our existing businesses, industrial knowledge, and global network to reconfigure the materials industry from a conventional one-way economic model of mass production and consumption to a circular economy model as we take on the challenge of transforming the materials industry, which plays an important role in realizing a sustainable society.

Organizational Structure

Materials Solutions Division

The Materials Solutions Division is working on developing and providing business transformation solutions, DX solutions, and EX solutions (resource circulations, decarbonization, etc.) for materials industry which is facing various industrial challenges such as achieving carbon neutrality etc.. Additionally, we have been making efforts in the incubation business to cultivate new material seeds.

Organizational Structure
Materials Business Transformation Dept. | Industrial Materials DX Dept.

Steel Products Division

Through Metal One Corporation (Metal One), an integrated steel trading company that is 60% owned by MC, the Steel Products Division has been widely expanding its business in distribution, inventory, processing, and manufacturing of steel products.
Metal One is working to create new value in the steel supply chain by combining real-world assets with digital technologies, utilizing its sales network of over 120 offices in Japan and overseas.

Performance Materials Division

The Performance Materials Division is engaged in business investments and trading in carbon raw materials/products, PVC, yellow phosphorus, etc., which are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive & mobility, construction & infrastructure and electronics, through its operations not only in Japan but also in the United States, South Korea, etc.
Furthermore, the Performance Materials Division has been working to provide a stable supply of materials, which is essential to strengthen materials supply chains, and also to create new business models to realize materials recycling businesses.

Organizational Structure
Carbon Materials Dept. | PVC & Functional Chemicals Dept. | Performance Materials Business Development Dept.

Ceramic Minerals Department

The Ceramic Minerals Department operates a company (wholly owned by MC) that is one of the world's largest silica sand producing company. The company produces high-grade silica sand, a main material for glass for solar power generation, display glass, plate glass etc.
We have established an integrated supply chain with our logistics and sales network that extends from the mines to the demand areas, and have been supplying silica sand for more than 50 years to various countries in Asia, including Japan.

Construction Materials Department

The Construction Materials Dept. operates a manufacturing and sales business for cement and ready-mixed concrete, which are essential materials for the construction and infrastructure sectors.
In our investee company operating mainly in Southern California and Southern Nevada in the United States, we have been working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in businesses through the utilization of CCU, while strengthening the supply chain through an integrated manufacturing system for ready-mixed concrete.

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