Mitsubishi Corporation

Beyond Materials

Beyond Materials

Consulting and Engineering Services Business for Materials Industries

Building a Bridge Between Material Manufacturers and Users

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has established Beyond Materials in partnership with FEV Consulting GmbH (FEV Consulting), a subsidiary of the German engineering services provider FEV Group, sharing a similar dedication to addressing challenges faced by modern societies and helping them to be more sustainable. Beyond Materials will provide the materials industries with a wide range of support and services extending from market research, strategy development and implementation, to product development and demonstrations, etc. This will be achieved by combining MC's global network and business knowledge about the materials industries with FEV Consulting’s intelligence on customer requirements such as for the automotive industry, its capabilities to engineer and develop final products, as well as its specialized knowledge with regard to materials, while also taking advantage of digital technology. MC expects Beyond Materials to build a bridge between users of materials including the automotive industry, and material manufacturers, whether that be for chemicals, metals, or ceramics and other composites, and to contribute to sustainable growth in global materials markets and helping us to achieve our mission to build net-zero, circular economies.